Let’s Get Physical

Physicals: More Than Just a Sports Thing

When is the last time you had a physical? Was it for a work requirement years ago? Maybe you haven’t gotten one since you switched to a high-deductible insurance plan due to the increasing cost of healthcare. Are you aware that you can get a physical at Family Choice Urgent Care? We assume most people don’t think of going to the doctor unless they are sick, so this month we are looking to educate you on the importance of annual physicals as a fundamental lifestyle choice.

What is a Physical?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think… “I need to get a physical” is most likely the long appointment at the doctor’s office. That’s one of the reasons why having a physical at Family Choice is so beneficial – it is very convenient and efficient with your schedule. A typical physical consists of the following:

  • Vital sign check – blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiration
  • Discussion of your family medical history & its risks as it pertains to you
  • Male/Female body examination
  • Lifestyle discussion

These are important things to review with a trained medical professional, and can be done quickly and expertly. It can be more beneficial than most people realize. This allows medical professionals to assess your body in a way that you aren’t able to do on your own. Most regular clinics tend to do physicals for a high price. Family Choice Urgent Care offers them year-round for $90. (Sports/Camp Physicals $25)

A nurse weighs a teen girl at the doctor’s office

The other question you may be asking is; how often should I do this? Like anything you enjoy taking good care of… (car, house, bike, etc), you should consider getting a physical annually. You would be surprised how much can change in only one year.

Family Choice Urgent Care is open 364 days per year to take care of you. Now with an in-house pharmacy to provide you a convenient one-stop shop. For additional information, call 541-213-2133 or visit www.familychoiceuc.com.