This Year I’m Going To…

Broadening your Resolution Horizons

It’s 2018! Here at Family Choice, we’re in the swing of the “virus season.” Everyone’s getting exposed to someone who is sick and this makes a little thing called your new year’s resolutions harder to maintain these first few weeks. We hear them every year: losing weight, getting back in the gym, drinking less alcohol, etc. Well, we wanted you to know that while your resolution may sound relatively straight forward, that in fact, changing your lifestyle involves many transformations. It is not just signing up at your local gym anymore.

Everyone has a resolution, but usually the number one tends to be getting into shape. So, let’s break that down. Studies show that more than half of the people who make gym resolutions tend to stray from the idea of working out by the third month. Thereby losing time, effort, and self-confidence in the process. What this means to us at Family Choice is that achieving resolutions involve more than just personal motivation to get to the gym. Your resolution is a LOT bigger than that!

What a Weight-Loss Resolution Should Really Look Like

Everything you do in your average waking and sleeping hours, affects your workout structure. The weights and the treadmill may feel like a daunting task already, especially if you’re entering the new year already dreading their existence. So let’s focus on how to change your perspective.

  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Most people who vie for a gym life to be the answer for their 2018 goals are already missing one of the key component to a healthy lifestyle: rest. You can’t allow yourself to run on small amounts. The bags under your eyes are harder to lift than the dumbbells, trust us. Adults should strive for a solid 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Strive for turning off Netflix and snuggling up.

  • Eating right. We’ll forever be advocates of a good diet. Getting back into the gym doesn’t mean you can devour pizza for lunch and expect to work it off after work. Your body gets tired throughout the day if you eat bad foods and this can be the silent killer of your decision to hit the gym on your drive home.
  • Limit your time around your workouts. A New Year’s resolution that is also very popular is time management. We all want to be better with our schedule. Unfortunately, workout time tends to be squeezed around other “more important” things and is the first thing we skip when we have to change our plans. Focus on leaving plenty of wiggle room for your workouts and you will see them become a paramount part of your daily routine.
  • Find accountability. This can be an app, friend, or coach. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy when it comes to being held accountable, because we’d prefer to avoid the criticism. But by holding yourself to a certain standard from the very beginning, you can positively influence the outcome.
  • Don’t push yourself past your limits every time. Muscles aren’t gained in one day. Pants sizes don’t drop in two. Working out takes time to see results. Don’t rush yourself and enjoy your lifestyle change. You’ll know when to push yourself past your limits, as will your body.

Try not to let this discourage you from signing up for that new gym membership, but rather be an encouragement to carry you through the first few steps of your journey. Working out is an incredibly beneficial and important part of the human body, and ensures that we stay healthy and free of the dangers of a dormant lifestyle. Among these helpful tips, questions are sure to be raised, and we’d love to answer them for you.

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